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Change Your Life

If you have ever started trying to change your life and ended back at square one, then it will be a relief to know that’s quite normal. But it doesn’t have to be your end result.


Allow yourself to step out full of confidence on centre stage, every day!

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Creating Your Wellness WowDay

If you’ve ever experienced moments or days where you feel as though you are not good enough. 

No Magic Pill

Your body and mind will resist change, and fall back to comfortable routines. And naturally, you will feel unconsciously more comfortable connecting to negative thoughts and experiences of the past.

There is no magic pill to take to change everything. It is a combination of focusing on building healthy habits and digging deep to let go of the past.



Create A Clear Vision

Let’s bring your dreams to life and create the vision of it all, in whatever format works best for you. Establishing the details of exactly what you want and what it will feel like to have it as your reality.


Plan Your Way

Planning how you get to your vision will include breaking it down into the different parts of your life, then breaking it down even further to become bite-size goals to work towards.



Creating Space

Whilst you focus on your new habits, thoughts, and behaviours, you will also dig deep at the things that have held you back in the past. Letting go of any baggage will create the space for the new lifestyle you are creating.


Redefining Your Reality

Staying consistent is the hardest part as life will constantly throw challenges and tests your way. But, by letting go of the past and focusing on positive new habits, you will redefine the future and create the results you want.


Isn’t it all genetics and background?

It’s good to know that your genetics do play a role in shaping your outcomes, but your thoughts and actions are just as important. In other words, if you have aligned thoughts and actions, you can succeed in whatever you want to do.


Life Happens




Genetic Setpoint




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6 weeks Coaching
– £1900
3 months Coaching
– £3600
6 months Coaching
– £6,600
12 months Coaching
– £12,000


One-on-One Coaching

  • Weekly or bi-weekly calls (whichever suits your lifestyle best)
  • Personalised Plan
  • Private sessions
  • Ongoing support

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Don’t Let Money Or Time Stop You



Habits are a powerful force that determines our success in life, but often we don’t know the best way to change them for the better. However, in some situations, it might not be the right fit to invest in direct coaching. It is for that reason we have The Habit Transformation Course.

Whether you’re struggling for time to make appointments, want to make a lower investment, or you’re just looking for guidance to make the right decisions, this self-motivated course will give you all the information and guidance you need.

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Downloadable PDFs

All information is provided at the start of every habit in one easy-to-read downloadable PDF, so you’ll find your path to success with minimal effort!

Bite-size Focus

The 12 habits of the Habit Transformation Course are broken down into two weeks so that you can set achievable goals for yourself and measure your progress.

Change Your Life

Gain a better understanding of your habits, the process of habit formation, and how to develop habit maintenance mode so you can literally change any part of your life.



Wellness Coaching In Your Own Hands


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