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Good health is often taken for granted, but it is the one blessing that makes life wholesome and gives you purpose.

There are various tried and tested ways of achieving personal wellness goals, and we’re sure you’re aware of the wondrous effects a balanced diet and regular exercise can have on your overall well-being. But, to have a healthy lifestyle, it is always about making yourself into your best self.

At The Mind & Body House, we make sure you’re in caring, capable hands the moment you speak to us. Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing shuns quick fixes and fad diets that promise temporary results, at best.

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Let’s Keep Moving

All coaching is offered with a minimum number of sessions, with additional time added if needed, to ensure you always have the support needed.

Celebrate Each Win

Our adapted slow-change focus will give you small wins regularly, helping to stay focused to win big.

What Sets Us Apart

There is no set plan or structure as everything is about you. We’re here to listen, question, and give you the support you deserve from a coach.



Regardless of what has happened in the past, it is time to shape your thoughts and actions so they align with your goals and fit your lifestyle.


Create A Clear Vision

Let’s bring your dreams to life and create the vision of it all, in whatever format works best for you. Establishing the details of exactly what you want and what it will feel like to have it as your reality.


Plan Your Way

Planning how you get to your vision will include breaking it down into the different parts of your life, then breaking it down even further to become bite-size goals to work towards.


Creating Space

Whilst you focus on your new habits, thoughts, and behaviours, you will also dig deep at the things that have held you back in the past. Letting go of any baggage will create the space for the new lifestyle you are creating.


Redefining Your Reality

Staying consistent is the hardest part as life will constantly throw challenges and tests your way. But, by letting go of the past and focusing on positive new habits, you will redefine the future and create the results you want.

Liz Jones

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

It is not difficult to recognise that living a healthy, meaningful life requires more than working out and eating well. It is all of our behaviours that create the lifestyle we live. I have journeyed through this myself, and I know how fantastic it is to live an authentic life. I am happy to assist others to get healthier, happier, and back on track with their objectives, by getting them to appreciate every aspect of their life.


Happiness is the highest form of health.

Dalai Lama

The Key

The key to sustaining your health and happiness is consistency. Tweaking your daily routine and habits in small ways that will guarantee great payoffs in the long run.


Personalised Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting healthier, fitter, and happier, which is why we will help you to make a customised action plan that is best suited to your needs and aligned with your personal goals.


See what some of our clients have to say…


Even though we were oceans away Liz always has kind and encouraging words to keep me motivated. She always seems to know when I need the extra bit of encouragement and has reached out to me to make sure I am remaining positive and pushing forward through difficult moments. She’s a wonderful person and I feel so lucky to have found her!


Accounts Receivable Manager | USA

As an executive, I want to elevate my game and I know that my pursuit of excellence is propelled in partnership with Liz. If you think an executive wellness coach is the combination of a health and fitness coach who tells you to eat more vegetables and exercise regularly, please think again. Liz is the executive coach who improves leadership performance and development with the added benefit of taking into account how all areas of one’s life impact overall well-being and success.
Liz has empowered me to fulfill my highest business, personal, and social potential through a sustainable mindset and behavior change.
I have raised the bar and cultivated self-awareness to make better choices. I am in the zone of strong decision-making, creativity, and flow with increased energy levels.
Liz is just simply fantastic. I highly recommend her.


PR and Talent Management Leadership Consultant | France


Liz Jones REALLY knows fitness and well being! She is a guru that you can trust! I’ve been around the fitness industry for a while, and I have never met anyone so well-versed, passionate and knowledgeable as Liz. She understands what the current trends are, and she does a fabulous job of translating the info into something that any lay person can understand. She is a whiz at making complex things simple. I wish I had had her teaching me this stuff years ago, but then she would be ancient and not young, bright, and fair! Take full advantage of Liz Jones’s expertise! You won’t regret it, and you will be so much the better for it!


Speaker and Consultant | USA


Need A Little Help?

It can be confusing knowing where you should start, and indeed who the right person to support you is. But we’re here to help.

You can reach out with your questions via our contact us page, or book yourself a Vitality Call and speak to us directly.


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